Return of Egypt


A Castlevania set in biblical Egypt


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Return of Egypt is a game that mixes platforms, action, and role-playing - the genre known as 'metroidvania' - and presents you with a challenge where, instead of controlling Alucard, Samus Aran, or Richard Belmont, you'll be playing as Lanier Gadishu, a Jewish man set on clearing the pyramids of skeletons and other terrible creatures.

Playing Return of Egypt may be a little difficult, since the game is entirely in Japanese, which makes starting out and learning how to play very challenging. But we're here to explain what you need to do.

The game requires no installation, so just double-click on its executable, press 'F4', select the keyboard as the player one control system, configure your keys the way you like them, and press the button that you've configured to start (that will be shift by default).

Return of Egypt isn't a very long game considering its genre, as it just has five final bosses and only a few different magical abilities. Still, it's totally free and has a fun setting to make up for its short duration.

Return of Egypt is a fun 'metroidvania' game that is sure to entertain you with its direct gameplay - even if the game itself is in Japanese.
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